How to open an iBanFirst account
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Opening an iBanFirst account is an 100%-online process:

  1. Fill in the account opening form in order to be contacted by an iBanFirst sales representative

  2. Send your company and UBO documentation over. We might also be able to retrieve some of it ourselves, to save you the hassle

  3. Our compliance team will review your application and run the required KYC, AML, and CFT checks, as per our regulated-payment institution obligations

  4. Your account manager will setup your account so that you can get up and and running in no time

  5. Your account will be ready to use after you have made a first transfer (also called activation bank transfer) from your main bank account. Please note that the activation bank transfer must come from an account in the name of your company and that the account must be held by a bank or credit institution located in the European Economic Area or an equivalent juridiction

Opening an account usually takes 3-5 days, but can be as quick as one day, for companies with simple structures and all their documentation ready.

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