You can download an extract of your buy/sell spot and forward operations on the platform. To do so, please go to the Conversions or the Hedging screnens, on the tab that contains the operations you want to extract (Pending, Scheduled, or History).

  • If you are on the Conversions > Pending tab, you will only download the conversions that are Pending

  • To download all past Conversions, please go on the History tab before downloading

  • To download all past Hedging operations, please go on the History tab of the Hedging screen before downloading

You can then click on the download button on the right of the search bar (highlighted in yellow in the screenshot below).

When clicking on the button, a popup will appear. Modify the start and end dates of the operation extract and the type of file you want to extract your information to (csv, csv2 and xlsx).

When clicking on "Validate", a file of your chosen format will be downloaded by your browser.

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