Integrating iBanFirst API
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API features

Use our REST API to connect iBanFirst to your own system. The iBanFirst API includes features such as:

  • Retrieving account balances

  • Retrieving transactions and transaction details

  • Adding a beneficiary

  • Creating and validating a payment

  • Getting a currency conversion quote

  • Converting currencies

  • Uploading payment supporting documents

  • Webhooks to notify you of account debits and credits

Find more about the iBanFirst API:

API activation

The process to activate the API is the following:

  • As an iBanFirst platform admin user, go to Company name > Settings > Services > API

  • You will be asked to invite an API supervisor

  • The API supervisor will receive an invitation email and will be able to setting up his / her password and strong authentication method in order to login on and retrieve the API credentials

API support

Feel to get in touch with our API support team for any question:

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