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Connecting iBanFirst to your accounting software using Budget Insight
Connecting iBanFirst to your accounting software using Budget Insight
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About Budget Insight

Budget Insight is a PSD2-authorised third-party provider that provides bank account connectivity to accounting softwares.

Budget Insight is integrated into various accounting softwares and allow users to connect and synchronise their bank accounts.

iBanFirst is among the banks and payment institutions partnering with Budget Insight.

Compatible softwares

Because Budget Insight is used in the following accounting softwares, among others, iBanFirst accounts can easily be connected to:

  • Dougs

  • Axonaut

  • Tiime

  • Compta Clémentine

  • Fizen

  • Formee

  • Evoliz

  • Agicap

Please note that this list is not exhaustive.

Connecting iBanFirst accounts with iBanFirst API credentials

Budget Insight uses iBanFirst API to establish a secure connection to iBanFirst accounts. Follow the steps below to get your iBanFirst API credentials:

  1. Activate API from Settings > Services > API screen

  2. Choose your API supervisor password

  3. Login on with your API supervisor

  4. Copy your API user credentials from the Users screen and paste them into your accounting software bank account setup screen

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