Multi-company users
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Users with multiple iBanFirst company accounts can decide to merge their users into a single, multi-company user to connect to all accounts with a single set of credentials, including a single user ID, a single password and a single Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) method.

Multi-company users can switch from one company to another in just two clicks:

How can I connect another iBanFirst account to my main account?

To group all your company accounts, simply go to your main account, click on your company name in the top left-hand corner.

Then click on Connect another account.

You will be asked to fill in the user ID and password associated with the secondary account, before then being asked to approve this through the Strong Customer Authentication function (Google Authenticator).

Once these steps have been completed, logging in will only be possible using the main account’s credentials. The secondary account’s credentials will be deactivated.

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