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Paying with SEPA direct debit
Registering a B2B SEPA direct debit mandate
Registering a B2B SEPA direct debit mandate
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B2B SEPA direct debits allow companies and institutions to debit a company's bank account. They required a mandate that is signed and registered by both the creditor's and the debtor's banks.

Difference between B2B SEPA Direct Debit mandates and Core SEPA mandates

SEPA B2B Direct Debit is an optional payment system, exclusively used to manage the collection of B2B payments. Unlike the SEPA Core direct debit which applies to all payers.

SEPA Business-to-Business Direct Debit execution and collection times are faster and refund conditions are very restrictive. For this reason, the registration of the direct debit mandate on the iBanFirst platform is mandatory for a SEPA B2B direct debit mandate but not for a SEPA Core direct debit.

Registering a SEPA Business-to-Business direct debit mandate

To register a B2B SEPA direct debit mandate and authorise a company or institution to debit your iBanFirst account, go to Account > B2B SEPA direct debit.

Fill in the name of the creditor, his SEPA Creditor identifier, the Unique Mandate Reference (UMR) that you will find on the mandate and upload a signed copy of the mandate.

B2B SEPA direct debit attempts will be matched against registered mandates.

Only attempts with corresponding registered mandates will be authorised.

Other attempts will be rejected.

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