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Download the MT103 copy of your payment
Download the MT103 copy of your payment
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MT103 messages are the payment messages sent over SWIFT. On your iBanFirst platform, you can download a copy of the MT103 message of a payment you sent, including the payment UETR, in order to have a proof of payment to send to your beneficiary. All of this is free of charge!

Where can I find the copy of my payment MT103?

As for payment PDF confirmation, you can find your MT103 copy by clicking on the "Proof of Payment" button on the detail page of one of your payments.

Clicking on this button will immediately download on your device the Proof of Payment, containing the MT103, in PDF format.

I cannot find the MT103 copy of my payment, what can I do?

Please note that MT103 copies are not immediately available after you have initiated your payment - the document will be available when the payment has left iBanFirst (usually a couple of hours after payment initiation).

Also, MT103 copies are only available for SWIFT (cross-border) payments. They won't be available for SEPA, DSP or internal payments that use other payment files.

If nonetheless, you have a SWIFT payment that has been sent from iBanFirst, but for which you cannot find the MT103 copy, please contact your account manager.

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